My name is Virginia and I am a small Miniature Dachshund show breeder in
    South Seattle, Washington. I work hard to only breed structurally sound,
    correct and healthy dogs and, therefore promise that every puppy I sell will
    be of excellent quality. Because of my genetics testing and thorough
    research (behind each breeding and each dog) I offer a Health Guarantee
    from genetic defects on the puppies I sell. I am an honest believer of quality,
    not quantity.

    Although I attended my first dog show in 1992, I only recently started to learn
    to show my own dogs about 3 years ago and have had success and education
    in the ring so far. Still so much to learn! I would love to chat with fellow
    breeders and Dachshund lovers!

    At this time I have a select few puppies per year. I would be more than happy
    to add you to my database so that I can announce to you when a companion
    quality Dachshund is available.

    My dachshund babies grow up in my own home, cuddle with my close friends
    and family as well as myself, and are very well socialized by the time they go
    home with their new families. We own a Montessori School so the puppies all
    form a wonderful love of small children. With us, there is never such thing as
    "too much love." They eat the best food possible and are exposed to normal
    daily activities, smells and noises.

    I am always available to assist in any way I can, even after you take the puppy
    home, for the rest of MY life. I would be more than happy to give guidance on
    caring, training, grooming, nutrition, Competitive Events and Showing, as I
    ONLY want to see all dogs in the best scenario possible.

    The dachshunds that I am Blessed with hold a very special place in my heart.
    If for any reason their new parents cannot keep a dog or puppy, they always
    have a home here with me.
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