The Dachshund Club of America
(USA's National/Parent Club)
Awesome resource of information
on the breed and events. Make
sure to check out their
free/inexpensive info packets &
booklets of interest.

Dachshund Club of America, Inc.
Also known as DCA

Great Article:
Speaks about the correct
Dachshund build, neccessary to
move and live in the most healthy
way, it was bred to.

The Logic of Dachshund
Structure by Laurence Alden
Horswell (1958)

Potty Training Method that has
worked best for me.

Crate Training Method

Cascade Dachshund Club:
Washington State's Dachshund
Breed Club

Cascade Dachshund Club

The Dachshund History Project:
Educational Records and Articles
on Dachshund History, Correct
Strucure & Movement.

The Dachshund History Project