Why choose a dachshund?

Easy Grooming:
Even the long-haired doxies need minimal grooming. I I do not ever
have to take my dachshunds to the groomers. I brush their teeth, clip
their nails, bathe them and brush them out in my own home. Every now
and again, you want to trim back the long fur between their paw pads
and maybe thin out their coats if you happen to have a dog with a very
thick coat.

Very Intelligent:
Originally bred in Germany in the 1600's to find and hunt badgers,
they have very quick instincts and sharp senses. They do tend to think
they are bigger than they are and are pretty fearless for a small dog.

Don't Need a Lot of Space:
Because of their size, people are able to have very happy dachshunds
in small homes or apartments. I am not saying they do not need
exercise. They LOVE to go on walks and are usually very
entertainingly active. After the puppy stage, they continue to calm
down to a wonderful level of pure enjoyment, and okay, plenty of
entertainment still!

Smaller Size = Smaller Cost of Care:
The bigger the dog you choose, the higher the intake of food,
therefore the higher price tag. A miniature dachshund who is being fed
a very high quality dog food, should only be eating around a half-cup
or less of that food per day. Also, it is less expensive to buy
size-appropriate smaller toys for them and vet bills for a small dog will
be less expensive as well.

If anyone who has owned a dachshund can describe them in one word,
I think it would be loyal. They are extremely loyal to their loved ones. In
no way am I saying they are aggressively protective, just very loyal.
They know who their owners are and will instinctively want to please
you more so.